Nova Riviera Hotel is located only sixty meters from the center of Ohrid, and it is believed that more than half of million tourists have stayed at this hotel in the last fifty years. Ivo Andric, Pavle Vujicic, Bata Zivojinovic, Petar Prlicko, Lazar Lichenoski are among the many famous people, actors, writers, painters, musicians, politicians from the country and abroad who stayed at the hotel enjoying wonderful music, food and beverages. Today the hotel has a new look, new owners and a new brand name New Riviera /NOVA RIVIERA/, while at the same time retaining the old tradition, customs and habits. The city bohemians are still here drinking their first morning coffee, having breakfast and enjoying the taste of the traditional cuisine. Welcome to Nova Riviera Hotel and enjoy the relaxing ambient, the view of the crystal Ohrid Lake, the traditional songs of Ohrid and the taste of traditional and international cuisine, as well as the rich selection of wines and other beverages.